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How to Choose Your Indianapolis Computer Repair Service

It is always a stressful time when you computer crashes and you need to get it fixed immediately. Once you have struggled to fix what you can on your own, but still no running computer. You are stressed, anxious, and probably more than a little irritated. It is time to pick your Indianapolis computer repair service, but who to choose?

Tech Talk: Access Your Data Remotely

Technology is at the forefront of our daily lives. Whether it be a cell phone, laptop, or GPS unit we have become accustomed to having access to information quickly. In business, access to your data at any time of day can be the difference between a lost sale and a bonus. Having always-on access to your data on the go can give you the edge you need in this competitive market.

Data Recovery Service Tips: increase your chances of recovery

A few years ago I was introduced to the highly skilled industry of data recovery and forensics. Darren R. Miller of Recover Data Now, an Indianapolis based data recovery company, has played an instrumental part in helping us learn the trade. Darren, a seasoned Forensic expert, has assisted our clients with the recovery of both personal and business data.

Geek Squad Service Fails Investigative Report

We’ve been involved in the IT consulting industry for quite some time now (over 8 years professionally). Over that time we have learned a great deal about our competitors, both big and small. One competitor in particular is the Geek Squad. Every computer technician I know has fixed their fair share of Geek Squad computers that were previously identified as “unrepairable.”