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PC Help: Computer Diagnostics 101

Simply uttering the phrase “Computer Diagnostics” can send shivers down most peoples spines. It doesn’t sound fun, and it definitely doesn’t sound easy. However, it doesn’t have to be scary. Here is your quick and dirty Computer Diagnostics 101 course.

Understanding The Need For Computer Diagnostics Software

Many people find computer diagnostics to be complex and, at times, downright overwhelming…

In reality, it is as simple as any other program that you use on a daily basis. At the most fundamental level, a computer diagnostics program is simply a piece of software that checks your PC’s health and fixes performance related issues.

Tech Talk Tutorial: How to burn Vista Recovery Disc

We think this is the easiest, most inexpensive, way to successfully burn the downloaded Vista Recovery Disc image we wrote about yesterday.

Thanks to the freeware burning software, CDBurnerXP, you’ll be able to burn the Recovery disc in a few clicks.

Tech Talk Tutorial: Create a Vista Recovery Disc

This weekend, one of our clients was shopping for a new personal computer and contacted us frustrated about having to pay extra for the Vista recovery disc.