The Top 3 Reasons That Your Computer Is Running Slowly

The Top 3 Reasons That Your Computer Is Running Slowly

Computers can now be found in almost every home, in fact many homes have more than one. However, just because you own a computer or two, doesn’t mean that you are computer savvy. Don’t feel bad, many people aren’t.

One of the most common problems or complaints that people have is that their computer has started to run slowly. Fortunately, by following a few simple tips, there is a good chance that you can have your computer up and running a top speed within a matter of minutes.

Here are 3 common occurrences that will slow down your computer, and that you can fix even if you less about computers than anyone else on your block.

1.Cluttered Registry

A cluttered registry will slow down your computer faster than anything else because it overloads your computer with registry files that are no longer important but still taking up valuable space. Registry files are critical to your computer as they hold all of your information regarding preferences and settings. To this end, every time you add software or hardware to your computer, additional files are added. When you remove software or hardware, these registry files will remain on you computer.

The easiest way to solve this problem is to use software that is designed to clean your registry. We like to recommend JV16 Free Registry Cleaner as our cleaner of choice. This software simply scans your computer and removes any registry files that are no longer used. By getting rid of these files, you will immediately notice that your computer is running much faster.


Spyware continues to get a lot of attention and for good reason. Spyware refers to programs that are designed to be purposely malicious and they attach themselves to your computer. This allows other people to monitor what you do online.

Spyware seems unavoidable to many people, however quality anti-virus software can prevent Spyware from attacking your computer in the first place. If you already have spyware on your computer, anti-virus software will scan your computer and remove all spyware and other viruses immediately. Almost every anti-virus program can also be set to scan your computer once a week, to ensure continued protection and remove spyware.

You may be wondering why additional spyware may be found on your computer after the scan. The answer is simple. Anti-virus software checks for and prevents damage created by all known viruses and spyware. This software will automatically update when new viruses and spyware is discovered. There is always a chance that spyware could find its way into your computer before the anti-virus software has been made aware of it. Fortunately, weekly scans will take care of this issue quickly. We recommend using on-demand scanners in addition to your normal scanner.

3.Overbearing Desktops

Many people fill up their computers desktop with tons of shortcuts and fancy backgrounds. All of this takes up precious memory and space on your computer. This tends to be more noticeable on older machines. However, by shutting off your background and keeping your shortcuts to a minimum, you could see a big increase in your computers speed.

Everyone wants a fast computer. By keeping these 3 tips in mind, you will be able to keep your computer running quickly and efficiently.

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