Should I Continue With Computer Maintenance or Upgrade to Windows 7?

Should I Continue With Computer Maintenance or Upgrade to Windows 7?

The buildup to the release of Windows 7 was as big as any Windows operating systems launch the public has seen in a long time from Microsoft.

This sent Microsoft devotees scrambling to get their OS upgrade as soon as it was on the market. However, as with any new OS launch, the big question is should I do the upgrade now or continue with my computer maintenance?

The short answer is “NO”. As with any Microsoft launch, there are a number of problems that have encircled a large percentage of users. So far, the most common problem is known as “the continuous reboot”. This problem has primarily risen from users that are upgrading from Vista to Windows 7 regardless of how much computer maintenance you do to your computer. Unfortunately, there is no single solution that has been able to solve this problem yet.

The potential of windows 7 is huge, and once the bugs have been worked out, it looks to be a great OS for anyone who relies on Microsoft products. Unfortunately, as with any new OS release, there are often more bugs than benefits. Once the inevitable, comprehensive service pack has been released and proven to fix a large majority of the problems, Windows 7 will become a viable option. If you are buying a new computer and Windows 7 is already installed, you should not have a problem, but if you are looking to upgrade, it would be better for you to hold off a little longer.

Instead, Microsoft users need to utilize proper computer maintenance to extend the life of the Operating System.

Here are 5 easy ways to extend the life of your computer and your OS:

1.Let Windows Shut Down Properly

Do not try to get in a hurry and prematurely shut down your computer, it can create long term damage to your hard drive.

2.Backup Everything

Whenever you think you might need to backup your information, you are right. It is always better to backup your information more than you need to than to lose important information.


Use your scan-disk or defragment your computer at least once a month, ideally once every two weeks.

4.Don’t Choke

Make sure that you keep 400-600 Mb of free space on your hard drive. This prevents windows from choking. When this happens, Windows will automatically dump data to your hard drive or just slow down to less than a crawl.

5.Dirty Viruses

Make sure to use continuous anti-virus software, or at least use a free online virus checker every 2 weeks. This will keep unwanted viruses from covertly hijacking your computer.

Have you upgraded to Windows 7 yet?   What do you think?

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