Importance of using PDF documents in business

Importance of using PDF documents in business

PDF stands for Portable Document Format, originally a file format used for print publishing as a tool for proofing print jobs. Today, it has become the standard for sharing print-ready documents via the Internet. PDF is now accepted as an open standard, and is widely supported by several software vendors (Adobe, FoxIt, Microsoft).

Several characteristics of a PDF make it a great choice for sharing or publishing documents over the Internet.

1. Retain Original Formatting
PDF allows the original presentation and formatting of any document to remain exactly as its original author intended it to look, including images, fonts, and layout.

2. Security
With PDF documents, you have full control over users’ ability to open, print, copy,modify, or share documents. You can selectively enable or disable these actions for each document according to your preferences.

Note: It’s not completely impossible to break the security permissions applied to PDF documents. There are several softwares available to remove certain security limitations. However, it’s a risk most business users are willing to take after reviewing on case per case basis.

3. Easy to Create
Because PDF has become an open standard, many software vendors support the format.You don’t necessarily need Adobe’s Acrobat software to create PDF documents. Many plug-ins for Microsoft Office, print drivers, or online conversion services are available free.

Free PDF Conversion
1) Office 2007: PDF conversion built in.
2) Office 2003: PrimoPDF
3) Online Service: Scribd

4. File Size Compression
PDF file sizes can be shrunk to suit the needs of target users. PDF documents can be packaged and compressed while retaining the original quality, or can be down-sampled and compressed to dramatically reduce file size, making it quick to download over the web.

5. Powerful and Flexible
You can add interactive elements including form fields, hyperlinks,electronic signatures, and multimedia such as sounds and videos to your PDF documents. Although these features are also available with other formats,they are not as easy to package and share as PDF.

So consider switching to PDF when you want to share or publish documents over the Internet. If you need assistance, let us know – we can help.

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