Data Recovery Service Tips: increase your chances of recovery

Data Recovery Service Tips: increase your chances of recovery

A few years ago I was introduced to the highly skilled industry of data recovery and forensics. Darren R. Miller of Recover Data Now, an Indianapolis based data recovery company, has played an instrumental part in helping us learn the trade.

Darren, a seasoned Forensic expert, has assisted our clients with the recovery of both personal and business data.

In his experiences, Darren has found that often times data becomes unrecoverable (or more expensive to recover) due to user error. As a result, Darren has been nice enough to share his tips when it comes to data recovery.

If you think you may need professional data recovery services do not:

Power up a device that has obvious physical damage.

Hard drives that make mechanical fault noises such as clicking, scratching, or grinding should not be repeatedly powered on for testing. These actions often times cause more damage. It may seem to obvious to mention but I’ve had clients call me to hear the sound….. click click click

Use free data recovery software.

Free data recovery software can ruin your chances for a successful data recovery. No, it’s not because data experts want your money. It’s because the professional tools can often times recover data that free software cannot find. Using a professional service can at least provide the confidence in knowing whether your data is definitively recoverable or not.

Attempt to run off-the-shelf disk repair programs.

Attempt to run off-the-shelf disk repair programs: such as scandisk, chkdsk or disk doctor to try to fix your hard drive. These programs can often times do more damage than good.

Try to open the hard drive case.

Don’t be a hero and think you can open the hard drive case yourself. This isn’t the faucet in the bathroom or the chair at your mothers house. This is high tech work that requires a professional work area. Professional data recovery experts have to use a clean room to open hard drives. If not, the data is subject to damage in uncontrolled environments.

In the event that you’ve already lost data, we are recovery experts. We’ll arrange to see your system, run a few tests, determine the problem, plan a course of action, and then (YES, really) call to fill you in on the details and provide an accurate estimate.

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