Tech Talk: Access Your Data Remotely

Tech Talk: Access Your Data Remotely

Technology is at the forefront of our daily lives. Whether it be a cell phone, laptop, or GPS unit we have become accustomed to having access to information quickly. In business, access to your data at any time of day can be the difference between a lost sale and a bonus. Having always-on access to your data on the go can give you the edge you need in this competitive market.

Recently, I was in a meeting regarding our company’s service performance. The client threw a zinger at me and requested statistical information regarding his website. At first, I panicked, knowing that I didn’t have the information in my presentation. I think he noticed and was prepared to use my lack of preparation as an example. Before he had a chance, I accessed my office computer with remote desktop software to access the data he needed. He was impressed and the meeting ended successfully.

Remote desktop software, like LogMeIn and GoToMyPC, enable users to access their desktop computers when away from home or the office. You have access fast, always-on, and secure access to your desktop computer anytime of day. Many of our readers may be more familiar with GoToMyPC by Citrix due to their amount of marketing and length of time in the market. However, GoToMyPC charges a monthly fee that may not be feasible for every user.

As a result, our technicians often recommend the Free alternative, LogMeIn Free. The LogMeIn software solution is installed on every machine you want to access remotely. Once installed, it places an icon in the bottom right corner of your computer to signify the software was installed successfully. When the software is running, you can access that computer remotely through the LogMeIn website. You’ll have to install a browser plugin the first time you connect but after that you should be good to go. LogMeIn Free is fairly basic and doesn’t provide advanced options such as remote printing or secure file transfer. For those features, you’ll need to upgrade to their pro version (which we highly recommend).

In addition, they recently launched an iPhone application ($30.00) that provides the flexibility to connect when a laptop isn’t available. Either way, in our opinion, you can’t go wrong with the LogMeIn product line. It may save you in your next meeting.

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